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There is something so lovely and satisfying about darning and repairing garments. I try to have a very Make do and Mend approach to life if i can , we are such a consumerism society today, we buy too much and we throw to much away .

This particular pile of repairs was filled with even more love and affection, as this pile of holey shirts belong to my Mr Day who is now my Fiancee!

I am always so keen when he asks me to repair something, as its when i can see that he does appreciate my skills. Most of the time when i am sewing he is so annoying,  why are there threads all over the floor ? AH there is a pin on the sofa! Why do you have so many boxes and tins ? Can you please tidy up your mess! Constant niggles. What infuriates me the most is that he says what are you knitting when i am sewing and what are you sewing when i am knitting ,and he calls thread and wool fabric.

But It is a whole over tune when the buttons have fallen off his shirt or if he has split his trousers again !! He is so lovely , and asks me so nicely to repair them. Which i do , and then he scores me out of ten when i give it back to him. Which makes me so peeved i chase him around our flat with Pins and threaten to stick them in his bottom. He is the cheekiest chappy i know.

Now he has holes in all his shirts, strangely all on the left arm at the elbow. He explained to me that is from being at the office all day and leaning on the desk while he types, and on phone-calls etc .  Well i work in the office all day , on the computer and phone for the majority of the day and i have no holes in any of my dresses or cardigans . Goodness knows how he sits, i think some posture lessons are necessary .

Here is my first shirt renewed with Snazzy stylish Elbow Patches .