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My darling Mother is an absolutely superb Knitter, and has been all her life. She has made many attempts during my youth to teach me and get me into knitting. But unfortunately for me I was far more interested in other things and did not have the time or the concentration. The most success I had was completing a multi coloured Alpaca Waist Coat. That was literally the simplest garment ever; it was made up of three rectangles. Needless to say I finished it, wore it once and then tucked it in a deep box.

Like I said it is very unfortunate for me that I did not take all of that time, all those weekends and evenings at home with my mum to grasp the opportunity to learn. I could now be a whizz with the needles and whipping up jumpers in a matter of days , knitting with my eyes closed , knitting whilst singing along to the radio but no sadly that is not the case.

I have only just realized how amazing knitting is , now I am starting my adventure. Living in the in the big smoke away from home does have its serious drawbacks. It means that my mum is teaching me other the phone, or when she comes to visit me. Even if it is just a trip to an exhibition or to go to a lovely garden, I will always bring my knitting , we will stop in the most peculiar places and have a stolen moment of knitting tutorials, we knit on underground tube bench’s, in the V& A Cloakroom , Train platforms, Cafes, every opportunity I can steal. I would love to go on a knitting holiday with my mum.

I am learning fairly quickly, however it is definitely a learning curve not every project has been successful. So far I have knitted a pair of mittens that due to my tight tense knitting turned out to be so small they can only really fit a little girl. My next challenge was a tank top that my Darling Mr Day had picked for himself. This I have completed quite successfully, but it really was a close call for a while if that too was going to be too small.

I love knitting but I still find that it takes so so much concentration. When it comes to a section that needs counting, I can feel my brain working so hard and the concentration is hilariously visible on my face. Also I have a very comedic man who thinks it is the funniest thing to shout out numbers whilst I am counting. I will be desperately trying to count to check I have the right amount of stitches and he will say ‘28’. I’ll give him a withering death ray stare and then start my counting again and he will do it again ‘33’. Oh he makes me so mad I have to end up chasing him out of the room which he finds highly amusing.

There is a lot of drama in my knitting, when I realise that I have gone wrong, the doom and gloom sensation falls and I have a mini tantrum. I was doing so well and now I will not see my mum for another fortnight so my knitting is on hold till then. Sometimes when this happens no matter what time of day I just want to get on a train to her, so that I can get my knitting back on track and understand properly where I went wrong.

Quite often I will telephone my mum when I do not understand the lingo of these darn patterns (by the way knitting lingo is definitely a made up language it’s almost like code) My dad finds it very funny, if he answers the phone, he calls for my mum ‘Debby , Tech support , Tech Support , we have a knitting emergency , Liberty needs Tech Support again’.

But my confidence is growing and I love love the feeling of such smug accomplishment when you have made a 3D thing, a garment from a ball of wool! It’s truly amazing !

I have just completed my latest knitting project, Matching Bobble hats for me and Mr Day. Well at first it was just supposed to be a Bobble hat for him, but the first one I made was too tight on his head.

I love Knitting in the round, so much more enjoyable than loose needles, easier to carry around in your bag. No chance of disaster stitch loss. Mr Day came with me to the wool shop to pick the colour he wanted, and it was really funny seeing his reaction to the price of one ball and also he couldn’t get other the fact that the lady only opened two days a week and on Saturdays. What can i tell you the knitting buisness is booming !

These hats were so lovely to knit and so quick. I have had them both finished for about a fortnight now. I had bought a Pom Pom Maker online for pennies, but apparently if you buy things cheap from china, you will have to wait a whole month to receive it. Yesterday the Pom Pom maker arrived at work, ooooh the excitement, I could barely concentrate for the rest of the day. As soon as I got home I started working on the Pom Poms, I have seen this Pom Pom maker a few times and wasn’t sure about it. But I do dread making Pom Poms , cutting up your cereal box, being told off for destroying the cereal box. Trying to cut a perfect circle, going in out of that polo hole, all the fiddlyness at the end, way too much fuss! So I took the dive and bought a fancy plastic Pom Pom maker, it is probably the most amazing thing I have bought all year, super quick and easy, such luxurious poufy pom poms produced. (I will definitely be making oodles of Pom Pom decorations for Christmas) ( ooooh how many times have I said POM POM!)


I even roped my darling into Pom Pom making for added speed. Then there was the dilemma of Matching Bobble or Odd Bobble, I spent at least 30 minutes contemplating. In the end I decided to do odd Bobbles to make them look more unique. Also in a cute mushy way means we have a piece of each over’s hat.




Few snaps of Lovely Pom Poms and of course I immediately made him wear his hat so I could corner him into some goofy matching hat photos.

A very concentrating selfie , trying to show the Pom POM





My next Project i am going to try and make myself a stripy Jumper , looking forward to picking the wool at the weekend.